Residential Framer

Framer · St. Louis, Missouri
Department Framer
Employment Type Full-Time
Compensation $60,320 DOE

Job Requirements

Complete all aspects of wood framing on homes, apartments, and senior living facilities. Responsibilities include installation of floor joists, subfloor decking, construction of walls, installation of trusses, installation of roof plywood, installation of house wrap, windows, doors.  Must be able to lift 50 pounds.  Will use hand tools and pneumatic tools such as nail guns and staple guns and operate various types of saws.  Must be able to work from heights typically up to 30 feet with proper safety equipment.

Pay range from $20-$34/hr based on experience level.  Earn insurance after 500 hours of work through Union.  Retirement through Union. Housing assistance available.

About Builder's Bloc Contracting

Builder’s Bloc Contracting, an employee-owned company, brings to the construction industry more than one-half century of experience in commercial and residential construction.

Founded in St. Louis in 1946, the company has earned an enviable reputation for job site safety, efficiency, dependability, and economy in the performance of its many construction services.

Having served as a subcontractor on virtually every type of commercial and residential development, Builder’s Bloc has established a performance record for being consistently on-time, within budget, and ahead of schedule.

Builder’s Bloc is firmly committed to management techniques that achieve maximum cost effectiveness for its customers. With experienced construction managers and an army of over 500 skilled craftsmen, Builder’s Bloc consistently demonstrates its ability to complete quality projects efficiently and at competitive prices.

A team of managers offers closely supervised management and customer service in geographic zones covering metropolitan St. Louis, including all of Southern Illinois.

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  • Location
    St. Louis, Missouri
  • Department
  • Employment Type
  • Compensation
    $60,320 DOE